White on White

Don’t get me wrong– I really do appreciate a nice black on black outfit. Black matches everything, it’s easy to find when shopping, and looks good on just about everyone. However, I think it’s time white gets a turn in the spotlight. There’s nothing more clean and chic than an all white ensemble. I was intimidated by wearing white on white for the longest time, but now I’m slowly introducing more and more white pieces into my wardrobe.

tumblr_nkx0prGgcN1th2jyro4_1280My white on white mood board contains looks that aren’t necessarily ALL white. A nice gray or taupe accent can easily break up the white blob of an outfit that could result from too much of one shade.


This off-white bag is ideal for the upcoming spring season. It’s large enough to tote around beach and picnic essentials, while still being a practical and more interesting alternative to an everyday crossbody or tote bag. The perforated detail adds a little edgy twist to an otherwise classic bucket bag.


I bought these chunky heels last year and can’t get enough of them. They’re extremely comfy and the heel height isn’t too crazy for a platform wearing novice like me. White shoes can be tricky because of how easily they get dirty, but I’ve been careful with mine and haven’t had a problem so far (knock on wood!)


If you’re wary about incorporating more white into your closet, a hat is a good place to start. For one, they’re hard to get dirty, and secondly, they’re inexpensive and will last you from fall to spring. I’m a fan of beanies like this one, but a floppy white felt hat would be the best finishing touch to an outfit.

Don’t let black weigh you down this spring. Let white be your new neutral!



New Year, New Look

I recently got back to photographing my looks and decided to share this one with you– the first outfit post of 2015!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

In this outfit, I paired my favorite t-shirt dress from this summer with the fur coat I got for Christmas (thanks, mom!). I wore my striped dress to death this summer and in bringing it out of the depths of my closet, I fell in love again. The shoes I’m wearing are from Topshop and are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of heels I own. If you’re not very skilled at walking in heels, I recommend picking a pair that has a chunky heel and multiple straps to keep your feet from sliding around in the shoe. It’s hard to tell in these photos, but my sunglasses are actually clear frames with a duochrome yellow + red lens. They’re crazy and outlandish and I love them. I snagged them for half price at a vintage store closing sale and haven’t taken them out of my purse since purchasing them. If you’re interested in similar styles, check out the brand Quay.

More posts to come!



On Film: Fall Lookbook

Apologies for not posting on here in over two weeks! I’ve been focusing my efforts on something a little different: YouTube. I started a YouTube channel with my best friend Bella early last year and we’ve been making a lot of videos recently. I greatly enjoy filming and editing, and our latest lookbook was a blast to put together. Instead of showing you photos of all my favorite fall outfits, I thought I’d just include this video for a short snapshot of what I’m feelin’ for fall.

Bella and I would really appreciate if you checked out our YouTube channel and subscribed. We’re working hard on putting out great, consistent content for you guys. I’m going to start posting our videos here on my blog in a series called “On Film”. Let me know if you enjoy and want to see more.



London Fashion Week: The Highlights

I’m a little late on this post, but better late then never, right? To be quite frank, I was underwhelmed by London Fashion Week. It’s still pretty up-and-coming and I feel like LFW doesn’t have the sheer volume of incredible designers that NYFW has. Nevertheless, I’m going to share with you a few of the collections that I was drawn to:


Right off the bat, Erdem blew me away. I love the real showmanship exhibited in this collection through the rich textiles and colors. Emerald green is one of my favorite shades and I enjoy the luxe vibe that’s exuded from the feather coats and strappy sandals.


This collection was right up my alley. The metallic elements add such a great pop to a simple ribbed or sheer black dress. These clothes are totally wearable too; the jackets can be taken from day to night and the colors match with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. Two huge thumbs up for McQ.


I debated on whether or not to include Mulberry in this post because I’m not extremely keen on the clothes this season, but the shoes sold me. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of classic clogs and platforms, and Mulberry offered the best selection. The presentation itself was absolutely beautiful and the models looked natural and sophisticated.


I’d never heard of Orla Kiely before seeing these images on style.com, but I appreciate her mod aesthetic. The floral prints and bright colors drew me in initially, and even though I’m not sure if I’d ever wear her pieces, I thought that her clothes were a nice switch-up from the all black/sporty ensembles that I typically blog about.


Quirky denim was all over the runway at See by Chloe. I’m lusting after the overall dress on the left with the subtle daisy pattern (which also comes in jacket and pants form). I like the soft textures and romantic, sideswept hair seen on the models. See by Chloe always gets it right in terms of beautiful and wearable hair and makeup.

What was your favorite collection from London Fashion Week? Leave me a comment!



images: http://www.style.com

Two Ways to Wear: Chelsea Boots

Last season I was totally and utterly obsessed with Chelsea boots. After finding the perfect pair at Urban Outfitters for a fairly reasonable price, I wore them every single day for maybe three months. On one fateful, tragic day in January, I was walking through the cobblestone alleyways near Pike’s Place Market in Seattle (one of my favorite places ever, by the way) and the heel of one of my Chelsea boots completely broke off. Since January of 2014, I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of Chelseas and recently I’ve come across not one but TWO pairs that I like.


This pair of boots is by the designer Jeffrey Campbell. They’re actually rain boots, which is perfect for the upcoming gloomy weather. They’re so comfortable and slip easily on to my feet, just like my old Chelsea boots. And oddly enough, even though they’re rubber, they kind of smell like vanilla (which is a nice plus, I guess).


I styled my rain boots with my most worn t-shirt dress and slouchy wool cardigan. It was 90 degrees outside when these photos were taken, but I added a felt bowler hat in my favorite color anyway. The boots remind me of something Alexa Chung would wear while strolling the streets of London, so I aimed for a chic uptown feel.


This second pair of Chelsea boots is from Zara. I had been lusting after these shoes for so long that I saved up my money and purchased these as soon as I stepped foot in the San Francisco Zara. I cannot say enough good things about these incredible shoes. The only downside is that they’re tough to break in, especially since I broke mine in by climbing the hundreds of steps to Coit Tower in San Fran…. not my smartest idea. With some thicker socks and weather-proof spray, they’d be the perfect winter chunky boot.


I went for a more sporty aesthetic for my look using the Zara boots. The leather wrap skirt is from Topshop last season and I don’t get the chance to wear it that often but I love it paired with these shoes. I have to say, the socks are my favorite part of the outfit. They’re sheer black socks with a white grid pattern and I bought them on a whim (and spent probably a little too much money on them) but they’re such a statement piece and an interesting addition to my wardrobe. My new go-to hairstyle is the one I’m rockin in these photos. My best friend Bella introduced me to the half-bun-half-down look and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Try it out!

Hope you all enjoyed this nice little break from fashion week blog posts. I wanted to showcase my own personal style, so let me know if you like these types of posts.

All images taken by Will Nielsen.



NYFW: The Best of Street Style

In addition to the two posts I did highlighting the collections from the New York Fashion Week spring shows, I thought I’d share a few of my street style favorites. All images in this post were captured by Tommy Ton, legendary street style photographer and NYFW veteran.


I love these two beauty looks spotted on models outside the spring shows. Slicked back hair and bright makeup are going to make a comeback this spring (like the ’90s!). I love the multiple eyebrow piercing look on the first model, although I’m afraid I’d never be able to pull it off myself. It’s a great edgy look to pair with a more classic shirt like she did.


Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? I noticed so many white-on-white ensembles on the streets of New York Fashion Week that not all of them would fit into one collage! I often wear the color white, but I’ve never tried an all white outfit. Wearing white with a chunky black or metallic shoe could definitely make for a more laidback pairing as opposed to the pristine white looks that people typically go for.

Stay tuned for a new fashion week post next week and leave me comments on what you thought about this season’s street style.



images: http://www.style.com

NYFW: Highlights of Week Two

The second and final week of New York Fashion Week ended a few days ago, so I gathered some images from my favorite collections of week two to share with you all. London fashion week is happening as we speak and I’m planning on doing some coverage of those collections as well. Enjoy!


Bibhu Mohapatra is a designer I had heard of before, but somehow the name always flew under my radar… until this season. I’m absolutely head over heels for everything in this collection from the fur to the graphic patterns to the cornrowed hair and dark lips. This sort of look is perfect for a New York spring- still very full coverage and bundled up, but with light textures and seasonally appropriate colors.

If I’m being completely honest, it’s the shoes that sold me when it came to the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show. I’ve been a fan of chelsea boots since last year and just when I thought I was getting sick of them, Marc Jacobs did a chunky chelsea rainboot in yellow, pink, white, and black that made me fall in love all over again. The shiny textures in this collection are perfect paired with the simple, edgy tees and slim pants.


I’m really glad that Margiela toned it down this season. Normally they’re known for doing simple garments with outlandish shapes that lean toward the more avant-garde side of fashion, but it was refreshing to see these totally wearable pieces walk down the runway this past week. I’m a huge fan of patchwork denim and have been on the hunt for the perfect pair since this summer. I also love the lace slip dress (bottom left) and would pair that piece with a cropped jacket of some sort for a night out.


Let’s just be pretty this spring, ok? It’s easy to get lost in the whole “I wear all black and drink strong coffee and don’t care about anything because it’s too cold to dress pretty” mindset every February and March. But what we can glean from Oscar de la Renta’s spring presentation is that it’s perfectly okay to be feminine and wear lace and pastel and gingham. The trends will always be changing, but we can count on de la Renta to remain the same. These pretty frocks were a breath of fresh air amidst the harsh black ensembles that most other designers were doing this season.


Luckily, I was able to catch the Proenza Schouler show on livestream. They’ve been one of my favorite designers for years and I fell in love with all the clothes they did this season. Even though the colors are dark and the line is almost reminiscent of fall, something about this runway show just screamed spring to me. Proenza Schouler, keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing it darn well.

tumblr_nbto6a9cEo1th2jyro6_1280I saved the best for last of course. I was also able to watch Alexander Wang live on their website and I’m pretty sure I held my breath the whole time the looks were walking down the runway because everything was just SO INCREDIBLE. In the short 12 minutes it took for 40+ looks to be presented at his show, Alexander Wang convinced me that black trousers are a must, I should really invest in a statement jacket, and that slicked back hair is chicer than ever. I could probably write a 10 page paper (been there, done that) on all the reasons I love Alexander Wang but I’ll spare you…. for now.

Next up: London Fashion Week! Let me know your thoughts on NYFW by leaving a comment.



Images: style.com