It’s Fake

Today I’m showing you an OOTD with a twist. Recently I’ve been trying to switch up my look a little bit (as I tend to do during the summer) and took the plunge with Operation Blonde… kind of. I’ve wanted to go platinum for about a year now but figured I would start small and add a bit of blonde to the tips of my hair, keeping my roots mostly dark. Well, a little blonde turned into a lot of blonde and before I knew it I was bleaching half my hair. I do still want to go platinum, but the salon search is rough and I don’t trust just anyone to take me from dark to light. For now, I’m enjoying my dark blonde.



The septum ring is fake. I love the way that nose rings look but I’m not quite gutsy enough to get one of my own, which is why it’s so convenient that fakes are becoming more popular. Etsy has an amazing selection of handmade, decorative septum rings but I DIYed mine by taking an old broken hoop earring, disinfecting it, and bending the ends to fit in my nose.

Even though both the blonde and the septum are fake, I keep it real when it comes to my outfits. Simplicity is key when dressing for the sweltering summer weather and I definitely kept it simple with a plain white T and vintage Levi’s. Accessories such as my favorite Casio watch and clear framed Quay sunnies add some interest to the look while still keeping with the whole minimalist vibe.



Fresh Kicks

Since I’m moving to New York City in less than a month, I’ve been trying to augment my wardrobe and especially shoe collection with some comfortable new kicks.


The Adidas Stan Smiths are all the rage this season, but I’m a die hard Nike fan so I opted for these Tennis Classics. They’re so comfy that I wore them every single day for a week after purchasing them. I know they’ll be the perfect walking shoe for the city.


These shoes are a little more fun. On a trip to Seattle, I recently scored these at Zara for only $50 on sale. The white platform gives me an inch of much needed height and the eye catching silver has earned me lots of compliments. They’re even a conversation starter: while at Powell’s book store, I struck up a conversation with a friendly (and fabulously dressed) Australian woman who was coincidentally wearing the exact same shoes as me! Fashionable minds think alike.

What are your favorite shoes of the moment?



Catchin’ Up

Last month, I went to Tea Bar with my best friends Bella and Will so we could catch up with each other before we all graduated high school and launched into our hectic summers. Bella and I accidentally color coordinated and Will was armed with his new camera to capture it.


I’ve been living in this swingy tee shirt dress and decided to accessorize a little (or hide a bad hair day?) with my favorite felt bowler hat. Bella’s bralette color matched my hat and she opted for a casual floral dress like mine.

Tea Bar is the go to spot for cold drinks on a hot summer day in Portland. Bella ordered a lavender boba tea while I ordered an iced matcha, which is one of my all time favorite drinks.

Me and B cheesin’ because we love Tea Bar!

I’m headed off to college in the big apple in just less than 2 months and I’m very excited to start school and continue blogging my outfits and adventures. I have a lot of time on my hands this summer and just recently bought my own computer so I hope to really put out some good content before I leave for school.

Thanks for reading, as always!



All images by Will Nielsen


They’re not unmentionables if you mention them… right? With summer around the corner, the desire to ditch clothes and wear a bikini all day is strong. But since it isn’t totally socially acceptable to walk around wearing just a bathing suit, I have the perfect solution to your warm weather woes: bralettes. Bralettes have been trending for the past year and I can easily say that they are the most comfortable and useful trend item I have ever encountered. This year I chose to invest in a few bralettes and ditch my unbearable bras. Check out a few of my favorites here:


simple gray | detailed back | longline | sheer | lace | detailed front

In terms of most supportive, I would go with a halter or racerback style if you’ve got a bigger chest because these tend to have more support and come in larger sizes. Strappy bralettes are my favorite for tops with low backs or fronts and the simpler styles come in more fun colors. I own a few lace bralettes but have started shying away from them recently because of how bumpy the lace can look under t-shirts. They’re great for layering with more silky dresses, but cotton bralettes are more comfortable for everyday wear. Urban Outfitters and Free People have carried several versions of the bralette for years now, but Forever 21 and Etsy have released a lot of interesting and affordable styles this season.

Now that school is out and it’s officially summer for me, I hope to be blogging a little bit more than I did in the school year. Leave me comments of posts you would like to see! (A college application blog post is on it’s way, as promised!)



Lightly Layered

Layering is a skill I’ve been trying to tackle for quite a while now. Since I’m petite, I find myself drowning in layers of clothing and never being able to find the perfect balance. In this OOTD, I took a fluttery shift dress and threw on a drapey turtleneck. It almost looks like it’s one piece, but since both pieces are light, I can get away with layering them because they don’t overwhelm my figure. Take a look:

tumblr_nkx0prGgcN1th2jyro1_1280 tumblr_nkx0prGgcN1th2jyro2_1280 tumblr_nkx0prGgcN1th2jyro3_1280

I broke up the mass of black with my new favorite purse: a structured white crossbody. The watch I’m wearing is actually a calculator; I’m not taking any math classes currently, but it’s come in handy a few times for being such a novelty piece.



Photography — Will Nielsen

Monochrome Zone

After doing my white on white post, I decided to try out the monochromatic outfit trend for myself, styling two separate looks around one color.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI’ve had this leather wrap skirt from Topshop in my closet forever and I can never seem to find any tops to style it with since it’s a strange shade of taupe-gray-neutral-mushroom-dirty white shoe. I decided to just stick with the gray color scheme and pair my skirt with a structured scuba crop top in a smiliar shade. The sides of the shirt have zippers which can be left zipped for a little extra detail, or unzipped for a little extra skin.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Besides white, blue is my favorite color. I got these oil slick blue Miista oxfords for myself on my 18th birthday this year and I love them to death. I styled them with a pair of worn in Levi’s and a silky white tank to break up the sea of blue. This coat is probably the best purchase I’ve ever made. It’s fuzzy without being furry, long without drowning my petite figure, and thick enough to keep me warm in subzero temps.



White on White

Don’t get me wrong– I really do appreciate a nice black on black outfit. Black matches everything, it’s easy to find when shopping, and looks good on just about everyone. However, I think it’s time white gets a turn in the spotlight. There’s nothing more clean and chic than an all white ensemble. I was intimidated by wearing white on white for the longest time, but now I’m slowly introducing more and more white pieces into my wardrobe.

tumblr_nkx0prGgcN1th2jyro4_1280My white on white mood board contains looks that aren’t necessarily ALL white. A nice gray or taupe accent can easily break up the white blob of an outfit that could result from too much of one shade.


This off-white bag is ideal for the upcoming spring season. It’s large enough to tote around beach and picnic essentials, while still being a practical and more interesting alternative to an everyday crossbody or tote bag. The perforated detail adds a little edgy twist to an otherwise classic bucket bag.


I bought these chunky heels last year and can’t get enough of them. They’re extremely comfy and the heel height isn’t too crazy for a platform wearing novice like me. White shoes can be tricky because of how easily they get dirty, but I’ve been careful with mine and haven’t had a problem so far (knock on wood!)


If you’re wary about incorporating more white into your closet, a hat is a good place to start. For one, they’re hard to get dirty, and secondly, they’re inexpensive and will last you from fall to spring. I’m a fan of beanies like this one, but a floppy white felt hat would be the best finishing touch to an outfit.

Don’t let black weigh you down this spring. Let white be your new neutral!