NYFW: The Best of Street Style

In addition to the two posts I did highlighting the collections from the New York Fashion Week spring shows, I thought I’d share a few of my street style favorites. All images in this post were captured by Tommy Ton, legendary street style photographer and NYFW veteran.


I love these two beauty looks spotted on models outside the spring shows. Slicked back hair and bright makeup are going to make a comeback this spring (like the ’90s!). I love the multiple eyebrow piercing look on the first model, although I’m afraid I’d never be able to pull it off myself. It’s a great edgy look to pair with a more classic shirt like she did.


Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? I noticed so many white-on-white ensembles on the streets of New York Fashion Week that not all of them would fit into one collage! I often wear the color white, but I’ve never tried an all white outfit. Wearing white with a chunky black or metallic shoe could definitely make for a more laidback pairing as opposed to the pristine white looks that people typically go for.

Stay tuned for a new fashion week post next week and leave me comments on what you thought about this season’s street style.



images: http://www.style.com

NYFW: Highlights of Week Two

The second and final week of New York Fashion Week ended a few days ago, so I gathered some images from my favorite collections of week two to share with you all. London fashion week is happening as we speak and I’m planning on doing some coverage of those collections as well. Enjoy!


Bibhu Mohapatra is a designer I had heard of before, but somehow the name always flew under my radar… until this season. I’m absolutely head over heels for everything in this collection from the fur to the graphic patterns to the cornrowed hair and dark lips. This sort of look is perfect for a New York spring- still very full coverage and bundled up, but with light textures and seasonally appropriate colors.

If I’m being completely honest, it’s the shoes that sold me when it came to the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show. I’ve been a fan of chelsea boots since last year and just when I thought I was getting sick of them, Marc Jacobs did a chunky chelsea rainboot in yellow, pink, white, and black that made me fall in love all over again. The shiny textures in this collection are perfect paired with the simple, edgy tees and slim pants.


I’m really glad that Margiela toned it down this season. Normally they’re known for doing simple garments with outlandish shapes that lean toward the more avant-garde side of fashion, but it was refreshing to see these totally wearable pieces walk down the runway this past week. I’m a huge fan of patchwork denim and have been on the hunt for the perfect pair since this summer. I also love the lace slip dress (bottom left) and would pair that piece with a cropped jacket of some sort for a night out.


Let’s just be pretty this spring, ok? It’s easy to get lost in the whole “I wear all black and drink strong coffee and don’t care about anything because it’s too cold to dress pretty” mindset every February and March. But what we can glean from Oscar de la Renta’s spring presentation is that it’s perfectly okay to be feminine and wear lace and pastel and gingham. The trends will always be changing, but we can count on de la Renta to remain the same. These pretty frocks were a breath of fresh air amidst the harsh black ensembles that most other designers were doing this season.


Luckily, I was able to catch the Proenza Schouler show on livestream. They’ve been one of my favorite designers for years and I fell in love with all the clothes they did this season. Even though the colors are dark and the line is almost reminiscent of fall, something about this runway show just screamed spring to me. Proenza Schouler, keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing it darn well.

tumblr_nbto6a9cEo1th2jyro6_1280I saved the best for last of course. I was also able to watch Alexander Wang live on their website and I’m pretty sure I held my breath the whole time the looks were walking down the runway because everything was just SO INCREDIBLE. In the short 12 minutes it took for 40+ looks to be presented at his show, Alexander Wang convinced me that black trousers are a must, I should really invest in a statement jacket, and that slicked back hair is chicer than ever. I could probably write a 10 page paper (been there, done that) on all the reasons I love Alexander Wang but I’ll spare you…. for now.

Next up: London Fashion Week! Let me know your thoughts on NYFW by leaving a comment.



Images: style.com

NYFW: Highlights of Week One

Week one of New York Fashion Week has come to a close. Since this week was coincidentally the first week back at school for me, I wasn’t able to follow the shows as closely as I have in previous years. I chose a few of my favorite collections to show here on the blog from Monday-Friday of this first week. I’ll be showcasing more and more images from the best shows next weekend so make sure to keep reading!


I had previously never heard of this designer before browsing the fashion week collections. I fell in love with the bright colors which is a nice change from the neutral and sometimes even monochromatic looks that most designers are doing for spring 2015. I love the necklines on all of the pieces in this show, especially the dress in the bottom right corner. 


I. Am. Obsessed. Pretty much everything about these pieces is perfect. Fringe was very prevalent in last year’s spring shows and fringe is back again this upcoming spring season. I absolutely loved the organic print on the dress on the left; the simple silhouette definitely allowed for the unique print to have a moment in the spotlight. Another print I’m loving for spring is grid/geometric prints and I think the coordinate set in the top corner is the best way to get the most out of a busy print.


I’ve been a Yigal Azrouel fan for ages and this new line is no exception. The shoes are absolutely to die for, especially the treaded black and white loafers and peep-toe heels. The bomber jacket is huge on the fashion scene and I love this black and white version, wonderfully lightweight for the increasingly hot weather of the spring and summer season. 



Chadwick Bell is another designer I had never heard of before this fashion week. After seeing this collection, I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this up and coming designer. I was drawn to this collection because of the Bianca Jagger vibe, something I will definitely try to emulate this upcoming spring season. The white in this collection is so crisp and clean and any of the pieces would be the most versatile addition to any wardrobe.

What shows are you looking forward to this NYFW? Leave me a comment, let’s talk fashion.

xoxo, Clare

Images: http://www.style.com 

Lush Lovin’


I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for Lush products. I can’t walk into a Lush store and NOT spend my college fund, life savings, and entire piggy bank on bath bombs, soaps, and other delicious smelling skincare items. I tried out a few new products this time around and thought it’d be great to review them for you all.

tumblr_natxezPtQg1th2jyro4_1280This is the first fresh mask I’ve ever tried from Lush. After ruling out the garlic scented face mask, I selected this refreshing blueberry and chamomile mask. Blueberries are great for your skin because they have lots of antioxidants which are not only an important part of a healthy diet but also a well-rounded skincare routine. This combination of ingredients was incredibly cooling and cleansing and I saw a noticeable change in my skin the next day. This mask cleared up a few blemishes I had on my forehead and left my skin feeling soft and clean.

tumblr_natxezPtQg1th2jyro5_1280I’m quite picky when it comes to shaving creams and body moisturizers. I like my legs as smooth as they can be and this product definitely fits the bill. I was drawn to this strawberry shaving soap first because of the fruity scent and secondly because of  the whipped formula. Although scooping this product out of it’s little pot while in the shower can prove to be a bit of a struggle, the positive result (smooth, silky legs) far outweights the drawbacks of the packaging.

tumblr_natxezPtQg1th2jyro2_1280I was very excited to try this mask, only to be let down. This is the only Lush product that I’ve ever had a less-than-stellar experience with. This clay and mint infused mask smells delightful and is tingly once applied to your skin, but the results are not as delightful as the texture and scent. The morning after I used this mask, I woke up with a few blemishes and my skin was more oily than usual. I would recommend this product if you have dry skin because it’s moisturizing, but if you’ve got oily, acne-prone skin like I do, I would pass on this face mask.

tumblr_natxezPtQg1th2jyro3_1280This is the third time I’ve repurchased this yummy mint lip scrub. Nothing has ever left my lips softer and more kissable than the Lush mint julips buffer. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone! I use this before applying vibrant lipsticks, because nothing is more agonizing than going for a bold lip and ending up with a flaky, smudgy pout.

After my recent trip to Lush, I’m becoming more interested in all-natural beauty and skin products. If you have any recommendations or reviews for me, feel free to leave a comment!







You’re Making Me Blush

While flipping through the multiple September issues I’ve received in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a trend that’s taking both the runways and the streets by storm: blush colored fur coats and accessories. I’m a huge fan of taupe faux fur vests and coats, as well as the strikingly colored teddy coats that Topshop revolutionized last season… But something about the new blush shade for fall is so refreshing.


My favorite version of this coat is the one DKNY did for their FW14 collection (top row, second on left). This style truly captures the essence of the blush fur coat: boxy, boyish, but at the same time, luxe and elegant. The three coats on the bottom row are a more practical choice if you still want to rock a blush colored coat but aren’t sure about fur (real or faux). This trend also appears in accessory form, as seen in the Derek Lam FW14 show. I’m head over heels for this clutch, it’s the most perfectly chic carryall. 

As you can see in my collage, this color is often paired with neutrals such as gray, white, and black. I personally love how blush looks with navy, olive green, or even a bright chartreuse. It’s such a versatile shade that it can really be paired with any other color. 

Will you be sporting blush for fall?




My Hair Evolution



In the past month alone, my hair has gone through numerous transformations. Before July, I had never dyed my hair any color before. I knew I didn’t want to do an all-over color, so instead I opted for a light pink dip dye on the ends of my hair. In the first photo you’ll see the length my hair has been for the past year. At it’s longest it touched my belly button! 

When I dyed my hair pink, I was aiming for a more pastel/cotton candy color as opposed to the vibrant pink you see in the second photo. Since my hair is so dark, I had to bleach the ends twice before adding the dye. The dye sunk in fast, leaving my hair brightly colored. Having bright hair like that was…. interesting. It only lasted for about a week because I was constantly shampooing my ends to get the color lighter. 

A few weeks ago, I achieved the color I wanted: the perfect light pink. And as much as I enjoyed having my hair this color, I got sick of it quickly and ended up chopping it all off. My hair hasn’t been this short since my freshman year in high school, so this length is going to take some getting used to. 

For now I’m content with my short cut. As for my next big hair transition…. I’ve always wanted to get bangs, dye my hair a little lighter, or even get rid of my layers and give my hair a blunt edge. Who knows which I’ll choose? Only time will tell.



P.S. Can we take a moment to notice that I’m either wearing stripes or some deep red color in all of these photos… I swear it’s a coincidence! 

Falling Into Fall: My Wishlist


Fall is a month away and I’ve already begun shopping for some new back to school outfits. I made this collage to show you some of the pieces I’ve been loving and that I think would be great for autumn.

silver watch – For years I wore strictly gold jewelry, but as you can tell by this collage, I’m really feeling silver for the fall. A watch like this Casio version from American Apparel can easily lend a tomboy vibe to a more girly outfit.

triangl bralette/bikini – This Triangl bikini is great for swimming or lounging by the pool in the summer, but I think it can be transitioned into fall by pairing it with a sheer tee and styling it as a bralette. It’s made of a thick and durable neoprene, so it can be worn as a full coverage bra.

leather pouch – I love my continental wallet, but sometimes it’s just easier to carry around a smaller pouch, especially if you’re trying to save space in a backpack or school bag. This Baggu pouch is great for stashing coins, cash, and a few cards.

metallic Nikes – These shoes are sold out everywhere (I suspect it maybe has something to do with Eva Chen being photographed in similar shoes?) A bold shoe can add an extra something to a plain jeans-and-tee look. I’m a huge advocate for sporting comfortable yet stylish footwear!

coin bib necklace – I’ve been dying to purchase one of these necklaces lately. I know Free People does a few variations of the tribal coin necklace, but I prefer the versions that Silk Road is doing (sold at Urban Outfitters.)

tennis skirt – I know that these tennis skirts are wildly popular right now, but I love them nonetheless. I’ve featured mostly neutrals in this collage, but American Apparel sells this style of skirt in multiple colors.

boyfriend jeans – I love Topshop jeans and this baggy, destroyed pair is no exception. Even though I’m petite, my height doesn’t stop me from rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans with a chunky sweater and sweet ballet flats.

floppy hat – I’ve wanted a hat like this ever since I got my felt bowler hat in San Francisco last fall. I never pegged myself as a hat person, but somehow throughout the past year I’ve become a hat fiend. Besides the obvious style benefits of wearing a hat, they are great at hiding the results of a bad hair day.

What are you loving for fall? Make sure to leave me a comment telling me some items on your fall wishlist.